IQ - Windows

IQ Windows has been around for more than 10 years. This system includes a number of modules that can be activated according to the clients needs. Main features include: Accounting (Chart of Accounts, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Detail Legers, Balance Sheet), Payrolls (including clock in and clock out through fingerprint recognition), Stock & Inventory, Hospitality System (Room Rack)


Our POS (Point of Sales) system includes all the main features needed for your organization where that is a small Kiosk to a retail store or even a supermarket. It supports three levels of categories, customer display screens, even fingerprint recognition for your employees to login.

IQ - Web

IQ Web basically is our e-shop website where you can sell your items/products/services online. Capture this though, it's not your typical website you have seen so far. It's connected to the IQ Windows system so that when you sell a product, that specific product will be reduced from your warehouse in your local high-street shop. IQ POS, IQ Windows and IQ Web can be connected to the same database offering a unique stock management you have never experienced before.

IQ - Smart

IQ Smart is a new technology that was invented by our company experts. It offers a unique experience for your clients. Your clients can scan a bar code that on the table they are sitting. A website that is only accessible through your intranet will open up on their browser. They can use it to order for their food and drinks. The order will automatically printed (through our POS system) in the kitchen (food) or bar (drink). Your restaurant's service is taken to another level.